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Sea Breeze Hotel Door Access - 24hr checkin

Late leaving home, traffic bad on the way, no problem at Sea Breeze. Having a door access code allows your checkin to be completely flexible... You can arrive at anytime when you have a code. You choose 4 numbers, usually the last 4 of your mobile which makes it really easy, tell us, we'll program the door for you.

Door code of your choice

When you request a door code we'll give you a mobile number for your peace of mind - so if you get to the door and can't remember your code, we can always open the door remotely. We are never too far away.

When you arrive

You enter your code and the door will unlock for you. Just inside the door you'll find an envelope with your name on it. Inside will be a welcome letter, city map and most importantly the key to your room. That key will open both the doors you have just come through and your room

Parking Vouchers

If you requested Parking Vouchers, we'll have them ready and waiting for you just inside the door in an envelope with your name on it. Inside you'll find your parking vouchers and a maps that shows you where you are and all the streets you can park in. There are also instructions on how to fill the vouchers in.

Free WiFi at Sea Breeze Brighton

Don't forget to ask for your free WiFi access code.