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Sea Breeze Green Policy

Making every effort to ‘Go Greener’.

Almost half of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions, the main greenhouse gas that causes climate change, actually come from the things we do every day. Things like leaving lights on unnecessarily or overfilling the kettle all waste energy and result in needless carbon dioxide emissions. Here we hope to show you our commitment on climate change and what's being done to help fight it at Sea Breeze.

Environmentally friendly toiletries

We chose to use the Baylis & Harding product range not only because of the quality of the products but because they try to ensure that all ingredients used in the manufacture of its products are supplied from carefully managed and renewable recourses. All products are designed to be environmentally friendly and do not contain any ozone depleting substances.

Reflecting on Water

At Sea Breeze Brighton have installed a new water heating system that heats 200 litres of water to 80 degrees and stores it in a pressurised tank. The technology of the tank keeps the water temperature high. This is moved around the building on a loop at key times of the day. So when you open the tap or turn on the shower you will get piping hot water within seconds whereas before you would wait a couple of minutes resulting in a great deal of water waste. Water saving measures are in place in all 8 toilets. We estimate this could result in an average saving of 200 litre of water a week. We are about to install a system to collect all the rain water, we will use this to wash buckets and outside floors and steps.

Keeping you warm and the planet cooler

Sea Breeze Brighton regularly check the heating pattern of our heating programmer to ensure that it stays in line with the current occupancy of the guest-house. We can bring the system on and off up to 70 times in a week giving us great precicion.

We reset the thermostatic radiator valves each time a room is cleaned and consider the occupancy of the room.

Sea Breeze Brighton have installed a thermostat on our hot water cylinder is and ensure that it correctly adjusted to a recommended temperature to help meet your needs and that of the environment.

We have fitted low energy bulbs in all possible fittings and are in the process of changing the fitting to be able to accommodate the larger low energy bulbs.


We have a ‘supa-dooper’ dishwasher that not only saves water, it has a 3 minute cycle, therefore, saving electricity too. The detergent we use is also kind to the environment.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Each day our staff can be seen taking items our guests leave in the room along with newspapers, cans and bottles to the local recycling containers. When we are letting anything go from the business we always ask local charity shops if they can make use of our old stuff.

Using local suppliers

We buy all our free-range eggs and meat from a local butcher. Our vegetarian sausages come from infinity foods a local well know carer for the environment and our jam's are produced locally at Paynes Southdown BeeFarm. Greener Transport options You will find links to all public transport that can bring you from your door to ours on our website at travel even a map for your to follow if you are walking from the station.