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Sea Breeze guesthouse is within walking distance of
Brighton Marina

We are a great little 4 star bed and breakfast accomodation very close to the sea front providing you with freeview TV, free WiFi, room telephone, parking vouchers & 24 hour checkin. Here we provide you information on Brighton Marina Village.

Brighton, despite the lack of natural shelter offered on this part of the South Coast, has been a port since the 14th Century. The town's proximity to, and good communications with, London, even in the days of horse drawn vehicles, accounted mainly for this. A thriving fishing community has also existed for many centuries. The lack of shelter brought many proposals over the years, for the construction of a proper harbour; the first in 1806 was for a wharf, graving dock and 50 warehouses.

People often dream of living by the sea but at Brighton Marina it is easy to see why so many people make it a reality. From strolling along coastal walks, sipping cocktails on sun-drenched balconies or falling asleep to the sound of fluttering boat sails, there is much to enjoy as part of marina life. Brighton has always boasted a cosmopolitan and exciting atmosphere. Now granted city status and with a vibrant local economy the city continues to be a magnet for those seeking a home by the sea or a second property. Brighton is within easy commuting distance of London and the Marina Village has proved especially popular with those working in the City.